Generation A

Thanks for visiting this link. I didn’t want to do a general social media post but instead personally invite some individuals that I’m either related to, good friends with, or just simply have respect or admiration for. I’m inviting you to a project that I’m working on called Pynyen. 

What Is Pynyen?

Pynyen is a social media source for all to interact with one global voice. When users log into the app, they will see a social media feed but filled with social polls to interact with. Users can create polls from an array of categories and view/interact with polls (videos, pictures, general messages) from another. The goal for Pynyen is to provide an interactive social media platform that encourages positive behavior amongst all. is the primary website but a mobile app is available under Android and iPhone.

My Challenge & How You Can Help

Since I’ve completed the app, I have only a very few users as expected. I’m working on my first group of users called “Generation A” users. That is where you come in. I’m asking you to be a part of my “Generation A” group. As more polls are created and posted, the social feeds will start to fill up more and the user experience will get better. As a “Generation A” user you will be one of the first. Things will feel pretty empty inside until content is filled. If you are interested in helping as a “Generation A” user, please follow the steps below to test drive Pynyen.

Gen A – User Set Up

  1. Download Pynyen on the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. You may have to search it by name “Pynyen”. The links to the apps are below for each device.
  2. Register your account as a user and select each category to follow during set up. You can always unfollow a category at anytime but initially until more polls are in the system select each one for a better experience. Your home feed will be polls from topics of interest.
  3. When you are set up, try creating a few polls by selecting the % icon on the app at the bottom right. Take your time, no rush. You can always come back to it later. When you have a question you want feedback on, just come back to the app.
  4. If you don’t want create a poll now just simply visit the home link and vote on other polls in the feed. All votes are anonymous.
  5. When viewing a poll, if you click into the poll’s title and text then you can share each poll that you like to another social network or by text message. Other people who are not registered with Pynyen can still view polls but not respond. I ask that you share polls often. This helps attract more users. Non-users will be given the option to download the app while viewing the poll you shared. My main account will be under the username “Happy” so feel free to follow & share my polls also.

Links To Share


Again, I want to say thanks for any type of support. Above, I’ve included my commercial promo spot and press release for shareable content. I ask that you share Pynyen to someone or a group and become an active user. Your activity will be very useful.


Peter Bailey

Founder & CEO, Pynyen

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